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Monday, August 14, 2017

Welcome back!

We can't wait to see you!! 
August 16, 7 pm Campus Ministry Center, PSF is back!!!!
August 20, worship 11 am, lunch follows FPC Morgantown and Sunday dinners start at 6 pm Harless Center, Inc.
A ice cream social at Harless Center, Inc on Aug 22, another PSF on August 23, and a hike Aug 24! Lots of good stuff happening! We hope you are there! We will get the calendars updated soon!! Bring friends!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Welcome back SOON

Time to gear up for another year!

Brunch will be served at the Harless Center, Sunday, August 13 from 11 am - 1 pm.

We will be around campus for welcome activities before the first day of class -- keep an eye out for us!  Our first meeting of the year will be Wed. Aug. 16, 7 pm at the Campus Ministry Center.

First Presbyterian Church, Morgantown will be welcoming students on Sunday, August 20 with a lunch to follow worship.  Worship begins at 10 am.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

End of semester events

Friday, Dec. 2, 6 pm, meet @campus ministry center to walk to @Wvu Hillel for interfaith dinner fun!

Sunday, Dec. 4th at FPC Morgantown

  • Sunday school, we are teaching and leading, be there around 9 am, its on the Exodus (Exodus 1 - 14)
  • Worship, 11 am, SBP preaching, PSF lighting the advent wreath
  • Care packages after worship

Sunday, Dec. 4th Harless Center at Central Place:  Exam party and breakfast for dinner, 6 pm

Wed. Dec. 7, 10 am, Harless Center at Central Place:  Yoga and donuts

Wed. Dec. 7, 7 pm, @Campus Ministry Center/293 Willey St:  Fondue dinner!! (see poll on facebook), White elephant exchange! Advent worship.

Wed. Dec. 14, 7 pm, @campus ministry center: dinner, lights tour
White elephant -- fun, silly, holiday gift or item that people might want (think about awesome small gift cards too), then we go into a competitive exchange of gifts based on number we draw!
Exam care packs -- bags of items packed with love byFPC Morgantown to help you get through exams
Advent wreath -- don't have to say anything, just stand with the PSF family as we light the wreath

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Advent has begun!

The first Sunday of Advent was Sunday, November 27.

Advent is a season of Sundays of waiting, preparing, hoping, and visioning.

Waiting -- waiting for Christmas!  Christmas break and Christmas day!  It's also waiting for the new heaven and new earth and the reign of peace promised in scripture.  It's a season of leaning into the hope promised in Christ's ministry.

Preparing -- we prepare for Christmas by buying gifts and packing and cleaning to head away from school for the holidays.  It's also a season of preparing spiritually, by attending to practices of faith -- prayer, scripture reading, worship, and giving.  As much time as we spend preparing for Christmas and break, similar time should be spent preparing in our lives of faith.

Hoping and Visioning -- we hope for lots of things at the end of the semester: passing a class, getting the expected grade, or getting home safely.   We vision (aka look forward) to something better than the current stress of college life.  It's also a season where we hope and envision a world that is different that what we see now and hear in the news.  We read scriptures, pray, serve, and worship with the hope that God's gracious love will one day prevail in the world.  We read and tell stories of faith that envision a world where peace prevail.  Much like we look forward to break, in our worship life we look forward to the future reign of God.

We try to do this in our family life at our house.  It is not perfect.  We set out an advent wreath and light a new candle each week each time we gather at the dinner table for dinner.  We seek to read scriptures, prayers, or stories of faith, and seek to give more to our community.  This does not happen every day during Advent.  But we do our best to focus on the season and not get swept up in the commercialism of the season around us.  Sometimes our reflections are quick and in the midst of a messy table, some days they don't happen, and some evenings we have a great reflection.  We do our best to not only prepare our 'secular' lives for Christmas but our spiritual lives through our family devotions.  We invite you to join this imperfect journey with us!

We will have a time of Advent reflection each week at the PSF on Nov. 30, Dec. 7 & 14

Below are some options for learning more about Advent and for daily devotions;

Learn more at:

Daily Devotions:

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

WVUKirk-PSF Wednesday Night Fellowship

PSF schedule*
  • 6:30 - 7 pm:  Unofficial arrival and hanging out or planning 
  • 7 - 7:20:  Meal a time of fellowship and conversation
  • 7:20 - 7:30:  Announcements/icebreaker:   go over what's coming up, get volunteers, get to know you activity
  • 7:30- 7:40:  Clean up and put away dinner, transition to program, set up for program and worship.  
  • 7:45: Program 
Program time will be spent getting closer to God through a variety of Christian Practices:  Listening (to speakers), Playing (art, music, crafts), Study (Bible studies), Sharing your Faith (Discussion), they vary from week to week, but in explicit and implicit ways the goal is to see where God is at work in your life.  Programs usually last no longer than 45 minutes.
  • The evening will close with a Prayer Service
The purpose of closing with a Service of Prayer is to center ourselves back on God through music, prayer, and reading of scripture.  This will sometimes include a meditation or discussion.  It is preparing to send us forth for another week with our last thoughts turned to God.

*Subject to change depending on program -- like Movie Night, Ash Wednesday, Special Guests, etc.

Friday, September 2, 2016


We hope you will join us!

Wednesdays:  We meet at 7 pm at the Campus Ministry Center, 293 Willey Street
Free dinner at 7 pm, program follows with worship and wrap up completed by 9 pm

Upcoming PSF Wed. night programs:
  • Tie-dye -- Sept. 7, bring something or we will have stuff
  • Where I saw God this summer -- Sept. 14
  • Sunday school planning -- Sept 21, 28

Can't make it on Wednesdays, we have stuff going on on other days.
Two service Opportunities

Speakers and Workshops 
at Harless Center (475 Baird Street)
  • How to adult:  Budgeting, 6 pm (pizza included)/September 15
  • Faith and Life speaker:  Visiting Peacemaker Veronica Muchiri from Kenya/September 29, 6 pm, dinner included

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Can't wait to see you

We can't wait to welcome you to campus in August.

We hope the rest of your summer goes well and that move in goes as smoothly as possible.

Look for us on campus and around town starting in mid-August!

  • Sunday morning August 14 (give aways, follow us twitter) for our location and giveaways
  • Monday August 15 -- we will be volunteering for the day of service too, look for us in service groups. Our two ministry interns -- Mary and Heather will be serving in town and maybe other PSF members!  Don't know what we're talking about?  Check out WVU welcome week schedule .
  • Wednesday, August 17 -- first PSF of the year at the campus ministry center (look for more info).  Start of PSF means start of free dinners each week on Wed. around 7 pm!!
  • Sunday, August 21 -- FPC Morgantown, worship and lunch

Check back for infos on fun outdoor events early in the semester -- hikes, bike rides, or kayaking/paddle boarding