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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lent begins on Wednesday, February 6 and ends the night before Easter, March 22.

Lent is a 'season' of the church year that lasts forty days (minus Sundays). It is intended to be a time of prayer, reflection, and reorientation -- repentance. A time to turn from other pursuits, interests, and habits back to God in Christ in preparation for Easter. Below are a few options for ways of reorienting your life back to God during Lent:

Spiritual practices:

Downloadable devotion written by students:

Online daily devotion:

Share your own Lenten practices . . .


Unknown said...

I dunno, I've been thinking about it and I'm trying to make a sacrfice for lent but i dunno. what is the importance of doing so? Am i just running through the motions?

Who we are said...

Here is what I think. It is more important to find something that brings you closer to God during Lent than necessarily just give up something because that is what everyone else does or you have usually done. Reading scripture and/or praying daily, taking up a practice of hospitality to the poor, etc -- will help you to see God in a new way perhaps more than giving up something. Just my thoughts . . .

Who we are said...

Another thought. . . someone told me that it was not necessarily what is given up (she had given up candy in the breakroom), it was the fact that every time she went in there she was reminded of why she gave something up . . . Christ. It sort of gave her a reminder of Christ in her day where they had not been one. . .