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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September 17 The GOSPEL and SOUTH PARK Week two: "Does Timmy Go to Hell?"

For this week we watched South Park episode Do the Handicapped Go to Hell? (go to southparkstudios.com to watch for free) and read Matthew 25:31-46. The episode deals with the boys becoming more religious after the local priest tells them that they are all doomed to hell. The Bible verse is a teaching from Jesus about sheep and goats (and the inspiration for a great Cake song ). We started our discussion with what hell is and how we view it. If heaven is a new level of closeness with God then hell is the absence of God. C.S. Lewis does a really great job of describing this in his book The Great Divorce.

We continued our disscusion with talking about how we get into heaven. We read John 3:1-21, which led us to a discussion about being born again, being "saved", and being Presbyterian. A blog isn't really a sufficient median for describing how it is God's Grace that saves us, but if you want to talk about it come on down to the Campus Ministry Center. We closed the night with reflecting on Romans 11:22. I'll leave you with a quote from the South Park episode: Kyle's Dad:

"Kyle, it's all about being a good person now! You see, Christians use hell as a way to scare people into believing what they believe. But to believe in something just because you're afraid of the consequences if you don't believe in something is no reason to believe in something. Understand?" -jwood.

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