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Monday, February 7, 2011

Thinking about our faith journey. . . some things to ponder

• How is faith a journey
• Major points in your journey
• Draw a "map" of your faith journey, highlighting the highs and lows. 
• Share the drawing and the story of those highs and lows.
• Afraid of sharing your faith story? Use that as the basis of your story! Tell people why you are nervous and what makes you want to share. You won't be the only one with those fears.
• Tell about a time that God surprised you. 
• Tell about a joyful milestone in your life - a major win or accomplishment, or other celebration - and how that impacted your faith.
• Tell about a time that a crisis in your life impacted your faith.
• Tell about your experience in Sunday school and what it meant to you. If you didn't go to Sunday school, then how did you learn about your faith? 
• What sustains your journey
• As we give thanks for the blessings in our lives, also give thanks for your faith. Share why you are thankful for where your faith journey has taken you.
• Many of the faith stories that we share are about our past. This time share something about the future. What do you hope for in the future of your faith journey and how are you working towards that? 

Read some psalms
Many people turn to the psalms in times of trouble or joy. These were first composed almost like journal entries by people to God. Write your own psalm and share it. What are you going through right now - good or bad - and what do you want to say to God about it? 
The psalms of the Bible are written as poetry, but you can write yours any way you wish.

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