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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Questions to keep pondering

Mountain, cloud, fire, glory – images are found throughout the Bible, where else are these images used? 

Moses appears on the mountain between too long chunks of passage on the minute details of living faithfully and worshipping rightly – where does God appear to us in the midst of the tedium of our lives?

What astonishes you?
How does God astonish you?
Who is Jesus Christ for you today

Think about a time when you have come to see someone or something in a new light?  What or who was it?  What happened?

Think about a time that you saw God in a new light?  How?  What happened?  What changed?

Who is someone you would like to know better?

The story of transfiguration comes after Peter’s proclamation (You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God), Jesus’ first prediction of  his persecution and death, and his call to the disciples to take up the cross and follow me -- how does that change how you think about the story?  What would have been in the disciples head as they followed Jesus to the mountain? 

Songs, images, prayers, etc that connect to passage and questions, bring on March 5
Start clicking pics of mountain top views

Mountain top speeches and excerpts 

What of the role light plays in the these stories

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