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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Prayer of blessing and intercession


Here we are again, the first day of school. It may be our  first day here, our fifth first day, or even our final first day.   It's still the first day. We are excited and anxious.  It's the same new beginning full of potential, full of opportunity to try again, and full of fear.

Hear our prayers of excitement.  We are grateful to see old friends and reconnect.  Thank you for faithful friendships. We are thankful for new faces and friends we will meet this year. Thank you for continuing to place in our paths people who care for us and want to journey with us through all that college brings.  Help us to be faithful and kind companions to all we call friends and merciful and gentle to the strangers we encounter.

We are excited to see what this semester has in store.  We are anxious to see what the semester holds.  Hear our prayers.  Walk with us when we get the syllabus and think -- how can I possibly do this?  Sit with us in the dark hours of the night and the early hours of the morning as we study, finish projects, and try to get it all done.  Send your Spirit of wisdom and perseverance upon us for this semester.

Hear our prayers for those we left behind.  We were glad to get back to campus and reconnect, but there are moments our heart aches and our stomachs hurt to be in the places we called home -- with our family, loved ones, friends, in our hometown.  Walk with us when even in the midst of crowds here on campus, we feel lonely and homesick. Send a friendly face or word our way on those days.  We lift up prayers for all those we love who are not here with us -- keep them safe and let them  know they are loved. Thank you for all the hard work and energy those we left behind gave to get us here today.

God of all wisdom -- we pray for those who serve on and with the campus -- faculty, staff, administration, and pastors. May they know a spirit of wisdom and grace in all their work. May your joy infuse their days. May they see in all whom they serve a child of God. Help us to remember they are your beloved children too.

We ask this in the name of  Jesus, who walked among us and called us friend. AMEN

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