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Monday, October 21, 2013

Faith and Music week 2

Small Groups
1.     Opening Prayer, Mumford and Sons

2.     Recap last week:  Why engage popular music?

3.     Discuss and Draw:  What is church?  When does church happen?  Where does church happen? Do Christians have go to church to be considered a Christian? I.e, can you be a Christian outside a community of support?

4.      Read:  Mark2:13 – 2:17/Romans 12:  
Read Passage/Summarize Passages.  
Discuss:What does this say about church/Body of Christ?

5.      Listen to:  Neon Cathedral
 And watch

6.     Small Group:  What elements of faith or church does he describe (list them).  What connections do you see between the church as we know it and the church as described in the song?  What is missing in both? Would you say the ‘church’ has failed him? The ‘real’ church? The ‘bar’ church?  How does this connect to the scriptures just read?

7.     Birdy, People Helping People

8.     Small Group:  How is she describing the body of Christ?  What connections are there to her song and the scripture?

9.      Larger group:  How do these songs embody church? How does it challenge us as ‘church people’ to rethink our church or see its role differently?

10.           Music and Worship, one integration: 
U2 Eucharist

11.           Closing Prayer
Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

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